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Hellos everyone! I'm currently new here,so I'd just like to say hi. The only thing that is bothering me is that I feel as if my sister is drifting away from me. Sure, she had already drifted when she got a boyfriend, like how all my friends were before and I knew it was coming with my sister, but its obvious I'm not important. I guess, in a way, I'll always be a little attached to her, but it will go away eventually, which I hope is soon. I don't want to be the most important to her of course, but I want to feel as if she cares. They way she acts and speaks is like she only uses me, like everyone else. She always says I take things offensively, well, I might do in some cases, but I actually have a right with some. I don't want to be close to my sister n e more. It hurts too much to be close to her. I'm not close to her physical wise, but I am, kind of, mental and emotional wise. I don't want to be...she isn't there when I need her and she hurts me a lot. I thought I could be close to her, but I'm nothing but a rag towel for her to use. I'm obviously ranting, but I'll probably not believe this later...especially the part of her ALWAYS using me. I don't like talking with her about my problems, and I basically am alone in this world. Family and friends aren't always going to be there, the one that truely will is yourself. The only way to lose yourself is to not have ever known yourself in the first place. I'd prefer I change before my sister changes, that way I won't get hurt. I was tired of feeling sad from friends, so I got over it. I was over always having tears come out of my eyes from my parents. So I will move on from getting hurt from my sister. I'm saying goodbye to parts of myself....goodbye...

::tears of sorrow::
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