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babymamadrama's Journal

Baby Mama Drama
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This community is for anyone who has too much drama in their lives, and wants to complain about it! Too frequently, we try to hold things in, so finally there is a place where you can let it all out and not feel guilty!

*Comments on people's entries must be POSITIVE. this is a community where people can openly express their feelings, rants, and thoughts without feeling judged.

*No Quiz results or surveys! You can post a little about you in your first entry, but no extensive surveys please!

*If your post is long, please just the LJ cut!

*You can post about anything thats bothering you here. If you are talking about an LJ user in a negative way, please do not say their user name in your post.

Maintainer : icequeen04
Email me @ Pinkgirlfrenchie@aol.com