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Baby Mama Drama's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
Baby Mama Drama

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Hi Everyone!! [03 Jun 2004|03:41pm]

My friend and I started _pet_me_ a community where you can show off your pets and yourself to be commented, voted and complimented on by others.. Doesn't matter what kind of pet you have.. please come and join!! We already have a few members!!_pet_me_
*no more drama in my life*

[07 May 2004|09:35am]

took from Kerry
[Birthday?] 01-25
ZodiacSign?] aquarius

[What are your plans for tonight?] softball game

[What time is it?] 9:20 am
Who was the last person that...

[called you?] Brandon

[Slept in your bed?] Me

[Saw you cry?] Ashley

[Made you cry?] Brett

[Spent the night at your house?] Ashley

[You shared a drink with?] Kerry

[went to the movies with] Ashley

[Yelled at you?] hmmm my dad

[Sent you an email?] livejounral
Have you ever...

[Taken a picture of yourself with a milk mustache and sent it to the milkpeople?] um no
[Said "I love you" and not meant it?] hehehe ya

[Gotten into a fight with your dog/cat/bird/fish/etc?] yea

[Been to New York?] no

[California?] no

[Mexico?] yes

[Hawaii?] no

[Philippines?] no

[Danced naked?] no

[Had a dream about something really crazy?] constantly

[Stalked someone?] maybe

[Had a mud bath?] kinda

[Wished you were the opposite sex?] yea

[Had an imaginary friend?] i think so

[What time is it now?] 9:24

[Apples or Bananas?] bananas

[Red or Blue?] blue

[Wal-Mart or Target?] walmart

[Spring or fall?] spring

[Do you have a boy/girlfriend?] boyfriend

[What time is it now?] 9:25

which one of your friends . . .

[Has the most distinct laugh?] Byrd

[Will grow up and be a model?] stephanie

[Is going to have the most kids?] Alicia

[Have you known the longest?] Newcomb

[Knows you the best?] Ashley Markham

[Is the loudest?] Byrd
[Is the quietest?] Alyssa

[Do you have the most classes with?] Allen

[Do you miss the most?] Bryce
[What are you going to do after you finish this survey?] sleep

[What was the last meal you ate?] corndogs and dr pepper

[High school or college?] high school

[Are you bored?] yes

[How many of your buddies are online?] sigh i cant get online..

[Last movie you saw?] queen of the damned

[Last noise you heard?] Kerry

[Last birthday party you went to?] My dad’s

[Last time you went out of state?] last year

[What is your lucky number?] 13
*no more drama in my life*

ugh.. [20 Apr 2004|10:53pm]

[ mood | cranky ]

So my boyfriend left me to be with his baby mama just to see his daughter and get a cut on child support.. Like I was suppost to be ok with this.. Now she's running around bragging about how she stole my man and calling me every name in the book. Little does she know the relationship she is in, isn't really a relationship at all.. but she is determined to make my life hell.. All the while I have to sit in the background until this falls through while shes talking all this bs. Maybe I'm better off without him.. Its not really worth all this.. So I suppose you could say I have Baby Mama Drama up to my shoulders.. ugh.

Thanks for listening and any advice would be wonderful..

*no more drama in my life*

[19 Nov 2003|02:21pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

hi taught I would join this community! On my boyfriend/BD cell phone under my number it's titled baby mama drama. I have lots of drama in my life. To much to deal with to much to write about.
My name is Amy I have a 9 month old son.

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[24 Oct 2003|05:06am]

finally a community for babymomma drama!

but where were you when i needed you? ;( [ about 3 weeks ago ]
ill introduce myself later <3

*no more drama in my life*

[30 Oct 2002|10:13pm]

[ mood | scared ]

I've got something to write about, but I'm afraid someone I know, none of you all, will see it. It isn't really a specific person, but it is about something that two of them might spot. Well, basically I've been wondering about why I seem scared. I'm like scared to make new friends. I mean, I act normal enough, but I know I am scared. It's like I don't want to be close. I think it might have to do with the fact that I'm afraid of getting hurt. I'm afraid of telling me feelings, only to know that people will push me away. Yes I do tell my friends, that I have known for a while, my feelings, but never all of it. There is a whole lot that people don't know about me. I hide more than I tell, because I found out through the hard way that if your tell your feelings, you will get hurt. Of course, I tell expose more than I want to, but I can never truely know my own feelings. Sometimes I don't know why something is bothering me. It's sad. I so want to 100% trust people or at least someone, but something stops me. It's like with some people, a mean wall sorta goes up. It isn't really mean, at least most people would think so, but I consider that it is because it prevents people to get close, even if they wanted to. I'm just at a lost, and I'm sorta scared. Umm....

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[30 Oct 2002|12:53pm]

[ mood | worried ]

I'm tired of all this...I'm tired of the constant disappointments. I really want to go to the state mental hospital. I can't take this anymore. I'm so unhappy and all I want is relief to get away and can't even do that. Everybody and myself keep holding me back. It would be so much better if I am not around for a long time. Just so tired...achy. Sick of every little thing.

Sick of it all. -_-;

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grouch [29 Oct 2002|04:56pm]

[ mood | aggravated ]

I absolutely HATE it when friends/people get me in the middle of shiat. Keep me out of it please please please please please! >.< And when I'm straightforward with the parties, I politely tell them that I don't know or care or want any part of it.

How hard is it for people to understand NO MEANS NO!

Well, Golden Girls is on...amuse me.

*no more drama in my life*

x-x [28 Oct 2002|05:35pm]

[ mood | aggravated ]

Money is definitely the root of evil.
So make sure you get a good job and can handle everything on your own and allow NOBODY to tell you otherwise.

2 free |*no more drama in my life*

blah [26 Oct 2002|07:48pm]

[ mood | sleepy ]

I don't know why people have to be so stupid and show up @ a restaurant ALL AT ONCE and wear me out v_v; bargh.
I need some z's but I gotta do stuff! >.

1 free |*no more drama in my life*

[25 Oct 2002|09:50pm]

[ mood | sad ]

Hellos everyone! I'm currently new here,so I'd just like to say hi. The only thing that is bothering me is that I feel as if my sister is drifting away from me. Sure, she had already drifted when she got a boyfriend, like how all my friends were before and I knew it was coming with my sister, but its obvious I'm not important. I guess, in a way, I'll always be a little attached to her, but it will go away eventually, which I hope is soon. I don't want to be the most important to her of course, but I want to feel as if she cares. They way she acts and speaks is like she only uses me, like everyone else. She always says I take things offensively, well, I might do in some cases, but I actually have a right with some. I don't want to be close to my sister n e more. It hurts too much to be close to her. I'm not close to her physical wise, but I am, kind of, mental and emotional wise. I don't want to be...she isn't there when I need her and she hurts me a lot. I thought I could be close to her, but I'm nothing but a rag towel for her to use. I'm obviously ranting, but I'll probably not believe this later...especially the part of her ALWAYS using me. I don't like talking with her about my problems, and I basically am alone in this world. Family and friends aren't always going to be there, the one that truely will is yourself. The only way to lose yourself is to not have ever known yourself in the first place. I'd prefer I change before my sister changes, that way I won't get hurt. I was tired of feeling sad from friends, so I got over it. I was over always having tears come out of my eyes from my parents. So I will move on from getting hurt from my sister. I'm saying goodbye to parts of myself....goodbye...

::tears of sorrow::

1 free |*no more drama in my life*

[25 Oct 2002|09:37pm]

Ah, I have joined.


Hurray for me. Anyway, I like yelling and ranting, so here I am.
*no more drama in my life*

one step closer to God if you make me do it ! >_ [25 Oct 2002|09:28pm]

[ mood | annoyed ]

My uncle can be so rude sometimes...I'm starting to hate his guts again! I told him off today about bossing his girlfriend around! I'm sorry but this isn't JUST a man's world anymore and I will let that be clearly KNOWN to any man in my path. I am old fashioned in the sense that a woman DOES look up to her boyfriend/fiancee/husband but by NO MEANS does she HAVE to take that stuff@!
Mark better NOT try that trick on me. v_v

1 free |*no more drama in my life*

[24 Oct 2002|09:19pm]

[ mood | annoyed ]

this girl i know gets on my nerves soooo much! everytime i get mad at her, she says the same thing - "oh well, i have better friends than you"

and the funny thing is, SHE DOESN'T. because i WAS her only friend. everyone else just uses her. because she is the most.annoying.person.ever. you just want to SMACK HER HEAD OFF!!!

its better this way, that she has ""better friends than me"" because it means i am no longer obligated to walk with her in the morning.

do you ever get *so sick* of people, that you really just STOP CARING COMPLETELY?

1 free |*no more drama in my life*

rawr @@; [24 Oct 2002|03:24pm]

[ mood | aggravated ]

Hello all and welcome =)

I have a ton of crap going on in my life at the moment. I do, however, have a deadjournal for my venting but not a lot of people see it ^_-
Anyways, people are annoying the hell out of me and most of them are coworkers and family members....v_V; it's a lose-lose situation and it's tearing me apart. Just so much stuff and I have NO time for ignorance.

Sinuses are bothering me and every lil thing gives me a stressed headache. x_X; Gawd, where is a hammer when you need it? >_<


1 free |*no more drama in my life*

[24 Oct 2002|03:10pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

hey! i just made this community, so of course it isn't anything right now, I'm going to work on the layout, icon and etc this weekend! so it'll look much better then :) thanks for joining! <3

*no more drama in my life*

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